As Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week creeps up on us, M Cabs of Lyme Regis is ready for the influx of holiday makers about to arrive in Lyme Regis, Axminster, Charmouth, Seaton, Beer, Colyton and Colyford.

One of our most common calls are to take passengers to and from Axminster Railway Station. Lyme Regis has become a very popular place for parties and weddings, many of the people visiting the town for these events book taxis to carry them around, at weekends our drivers rarely get to bed before 2am.

Another big week that brings lots of visitors to our town is Lyme Regis Regatta and Carnival Week and M Cabs are always extremely busy during this time often taking people back home after going to the various attractions that go on every day during this major week.

So please remember if you need a cab anytime during the summer holiday please give M Cabs a call on 01297 442222 and we will be at your service.