There are a group of four Axminster Taxis operating from Axminster and M Cabs Taxis are one of the main taxi companies. Many people call M Cabs Taxis to take them to Axminster Station or they call M Cabs Taxis to take them to Axminster River Cottage Canteen or Axminster River Cottage HQ.

M Cabs Taxis also operate from Lyme Regis Charmouth, Bridport, Colyton, Colyford, and regularly go to Exeter Airport, Bristol Airport, Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport.

Axminster Market is a very popular destination on Thursdays and I am regularly surprised at just how many people are in the town on a Thursday. So if you are on the train to Axminster from Exeter or Waterloo please phone M Cabs Taxis before your train arrives and we will be there waiting for you.

On the other hand you maybe in Lyme Regis and need a taxi to Axminster Station, if that is the case please call M Cabs Taxis and we will be at your service.